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Many processes in laboratory facilities needs a larger area with appropriate covering ventilation. Most of these processes could be done in a LAF bench.

The L - cabinet is a basic LAF bench which covers most of the demands for ventilated areas in a lab. And concerning the size – both standard size and customized sizes are offered.

The lacquered metal cabinet with a bottom in stainless steel gives a solid frame. The tempered glass windows hanged in a balanced system makes it easy to open and close the window or place it in any position.

The built-in light is strong and gives even light.

The filter holder is solid and makes the change of the filter easy.

The L - cabinet is equipped with ventilator up to a size of 1200 x 600 x 1200 mm. For larger dimensions the ventilator is placed externally. In any case the L - cabinet has a noise reduction reduced for maximum comfort of operation.

An electronic system controls the air - volume according to the open area of the window. The air flow is > 0,5 m/s in the window line. A warning system for filter change is also included.

The L - cabinet could be delivered with a standard bench or with electrical adjustment of the height for sitting or standing work. 


Features of the L - cabinet include:


Solid powder lacquered steel construction

Balanced window from tempered glass

Built - in ventilators with noise reduction

Easy operation and maintenance

Standard or customized size 


Download technical specifications here.

Model/Varenr.: 901150
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