Work bench

Work bench

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Performing precision work requires a concentrated and often uncomfortable working positions. By prolonged work in the same position you may develop serious damage to the body.

This could be prevented if the same work is done in varied working positions.

It is also important for other functions at the workbench to be placed in the most suitable way. It can be suction facilities, compressed air and especially lighting.

Lack of an optimal lighting at the the workbench can cause tension in the neck and shoulders as well as headaches.

Rectus workbench is designed to ensure the optimum working position. The height adjustable base allows the user to set the correct height at the touch of a button.

That means any positions from bending in over the table to the standing position can simply be adjusted for both seated and standing work.

The mounted shelf system with its powerful lighting ensures that both tools, materials and objects are close to the user. By having the light fixture mounted on the shelf system, the amount of light is always constant in contrast to ordinary room light.

Many users of Rectus workbench are working with advanced electronics assembly, which are made under a microscope. Therefore, the frame is designed so that the table top forms a very stable foundation with minimal vibrations.

Rectus offers standard as well as individual workbenches. Please use our knowledge early in your developing phase! 


Features of the workbench include:


Adjustable height for optimum comfort

Integrated compressed air gun

Strong Noble Light lighting system

Easily customizable tool section 


Download technical specifications here.

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