Turbo 2000 white

Turbo 2000 white

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Gluing, laquering or repair with acrylate makes fumes with a health risk. Often these operations demands a free area on the workbench for the object itself and the materials.

Removing these fumes could therefore be difficult. Using a traditional laf bench is not always an option.

The Turbo 2000 is using the same technique as a laf bench – lamiar air flow. The Turbo 2000 simply makes the air stream to an air swivel which drags fumes from the area in front of it.

At high airspeeds eg. connected to Hyaline suction arm it catch also lighter dust particles.

Depending on the air speed in the Turbo 2000 it could catch fumes up till a distance of 40 cm in front of it.

The Turbo 2000 comes in standard versions which is attachable to Hyaline suction arm or in special designed versions with connection to relevant ventilators. 


Features of the Turbo 2000 include:


Efficient for fume and light dust

Small standard dimension

Custom designed upon request

Different materials 


Download technical specifications here.

Model/Varenr.: 901116
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