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In many dental offices there is a demand for a suitable place to make adjustments on dentures or orthodontics directly at the chair. It is a messy job which needs to be kept aside from the other instruments and material.

The G-drawer is the answer to many dentists wishes for a grinding area next to the chair.

The G-drawer has a protection shield in tempered glass which is brought in position before use. The switch on the side of the body activates the suction motor.

The suction hole has a filter and the body itself is noise reduced to get rid of inconvenient noise at chairside.

The G-drawer insert could easily be fitted into nearly every drawer or cabinet type. The basic size is 600 x 500 mm and it could be cut down to fit any drawer with an inner dimension from 380 x 380 mm up to 600 x 500 mm.

The G-drawer is connected to a telescopic pipe on the backside which is sliding in and out of the body.

The pipe is connected to a suction motor or to a suction motor via a motor valve and connected in a system where several G-drawers are connected to one suction motor.

Next to the body there is a space for a small grinding machine. Note that the body could be placed asymmetric in drawers up to 500 mm in width. 


Features of the G-Drawer include:


Perfect chairside grinding place

Fits into most drawers

Individual or system solution

Space for a grinder on the side

Symmetric or asymmetric installation 


Download technical specifications here.

Model/Varenr.: 901120
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