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Grinding in plaster, acrylates and other hard materials often leads to a dusty working environment which is a severe health risk for the staff.

The grinding box - G-box - is the result of several years of knowledge sharing and collaboration with our customers to avoid these risks.

The G-box makes it easier to maintain a high hygiene standard at the lab and in the clinic. Fumes, dust and coarse particles are efficiently collected in the box, which can be used both with and without a suction motor.

The transparent lid is made of tempered glass for your safety.

The handholes are made of smooth material and have punched tongues, which close tight around the wrist.

The built in LED light gives a strong 3500 lux light centered in the working field.

Combined with the magnifier you will see the smallest detail very clear!

The G-box could be used upon a table with suction grate mounted through the table, on the G-Cart or in a G-Drawer.

Connect one of these solution with CP suction motor, silencer and hand valve and you will have a complete solution. 


Features of the G-Box include:


Integrated 3500 lux

LED light Smooth handholes

Solid metal construction

Hardened glass lid

Attachable magnifiying glass 


Download technical specifications here.

Model/Varenr.: 901093
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