Superflex suction arm for table mounting

Superflex suction arm for table mounting

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The Superflex suction arm removes fumes and particles directly at the working place.

When using laughing gas, bondings and other materials and when grinding in acrylate, fumes and particles, it is a health risk for treater and the patient. Superflex suction arm prevents these risks.

This way you can avoid uncomfortable working positions and you can have an optimal ergonomic working place. The suction arm is placed near the working place and the flexible mouth piece can be placed at the instrument tray or at the chair side, when doing acrylic moulding.

The bendings on the arm can rotate 360 degrees and therefore gives an optimal flexibility. The integrated silencer ensures a minimum of noise for both clinic personal and patient.

The Superflex suction arm is connected to a middle pressure ventilator and can also be built as a double stringed system, so that high pressure suction can be used for removal of acrylic and other firm materials.

You can switch between 2 functions only by pressing a contact. 


Features of the Superflex suction arm include:


Low noise

High air volume

Flexible positioning

Standard and custom designed models 


Download technical specifications here.

Model/Varenr.: 900122
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