Hyaline 182

Hyaline 182

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The Hyaline suction arm gives an optimal ergonomic at technical lab work, as it can be placed in different positions. You do not have this opportunity with a fixed suction hood.

The flexible tube and mouthpiece can easily be placed both in front of and behind the subject at the table, or it can be placed at the front of the table, like a traditional suction hood.

The built-in silencer ensures a comfortable noise level, even at a high volume of air. The Hyaline suction arm is available both with and without a switch and valve.

They respectively start the suction motor and opens for the air, when the suction arm is brought in working position.

The specially designed mouthpiece has a broad edge, which enables the air to grasp particles and dust better. A spring in the mouthpiece prevents larger items to be sucked in.

The Hyaline suction arm is connected to the CP suction motor or any other vacuum systems which provide a sufficient vacuum.

The Hyaline is to be used with various mounting fittings. 


Features of the Hyaline suction arm include:


Integrated noise reducer

Built in valve shut-off suction stream

Switch for activation of suction motor

Flexible mouthpiece for optimal ergonomics


Download technical specifications here.

Model/Varenr.: 900182
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