CP 474

CP 474

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To keep a clean and dustfree working enviroment you might need a stronger suction motor! But often the strong suction motors are quite noisy or you need to have it installed far away from the working place.

The CP suction motor is powerfull and used to remove larger particles and dust at work places on dental and hearing laboratories, chiropodists and at industrial processes.

The CP suction motor is designed to fulfill the demand of a strong suction and be quiet! An efficient noise insulation in the motors reduces the motor noise so much that you cannot hear it through the airstream. Therefore it could be placed close to the working place.

All CP suction motors has a particle filter in different sizes except CP 430 which has to be combined with a Cassette Filter.

To protect the motor from unexpected leaks in the particle filter all motors has a protection filter.

It is recommended that these models are equipped with a flexible silencer on the outlet (item no. 901121): 900430, 900434 and 900470.

Model 900474 and 900475 have a build in noise reducer. Furthermore the CP 475 has a carbon filter on the outlet for recirculation of the air. 


Features of the CP suction motors include:


Powder lacquered steel cabinet

Special vibration and insulation material

Very low noise level - less than from the air stream High capacity - 150 m3 / h

Multipurpose use - Hyaline / Superflex / Suction hood 


Download technical specifications here.

Model/Varenr.: 900474
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