Suction cannula 16 mm / 18,8 mm

Suction cannula 16 mm / 18,8 mm

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Rectus suction cannulas are known in the business for high quality and functional design, which all together gives you an optimal tool in your hands.

The cannula consists of a head, a body with a regulation flap and a swivel. The head can adapt into every suction canulla and the swivel to almost every suction holder. Together this solution gives a wealth of opportunities and combinations, which can be seen in the table on the next page.

Besides our normal assortment Rectus offers custom made solutions. We can also offer to print your trademark/logo on the body of the suction cannula.

With an easy sliding movement of the regulation flap you can adjust the effect from nothing to full suction power.

Rectus suction cannulas are made in different forms and shapes. The two basic models are: 08-line for saliva suction and the 07-line for strong suction and funnel.

The cannulas are avaiable in black and grey (RAL7035). 


Features of the suction cannulas include:


Regulation flap

Ergonomic swivel

Wide assortment

Private label 


Download technical specifications here.

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