Spitton bowl valve (left)

Spitton bowl valve (left)

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The construction of Rectus spittton valve is based on a very simple principle which does not include any electrical functions.

The spitton valve is mounted inside or on the outside of the unit and connceted to the hose between the spitton bowl and the suction pipe.

When water from the spitton fills up the valve, the floater opens for the vacuum and sucks out the water.

When the valve is emptied the floater will close for the vacuum.

In cases when larger particles are stocked in the valve, the lid is taken off and the valve is simply cleaned with water.

The spitton valve is available in 4 different models with the inlet on the front, right, left and rear site.

A standard package of bracket for mounting and connection fittings are included. 


Features of the spitton valve include:


Easy to install

No electrical parts

Easy to maintain

Simple and reliable 


Download technical specifications here.

Model/Varenr.: 880088
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