25l SEP-IT Automatic

25l SEP-IT Automatic

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SEP-IT is the new generation of separation tanks from Rectus. It simply separates up to 250 liters of water per hour! One separation tank could cover the demand for separation system up to 5 units to a cost less than 40% of the costs for alternative systems for only one unit.

The SEP-IT separation tanks are made of strong materials, which are resistant to the types of chemicals used in suction cleaining remedies.

SEP-IT is made of chemical resistant polymere, stainless steel and other robust components. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean the tank.

The functional principle:
The separation tank consists of 2 chambers.

In the upper chamber, water, secretion and particles are separated from the air stream and runs into the lower chamber.

When the lower chamber is filled up, a valve closes between the lower and upper chamber. Now the water can run out of the lower

A timer reactivates the valve between the upper and lower chamber.

The water collected in the upper chamber runs into the lower chamber.

The cycle will start again. 


Features of the Sep-it separation tank include:


Continuous separation

High water flow

Strong materials

Economic solution 


Download technical specifications here.

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